The Happiest Store in the World!

The Happiest Store in the World!

Antiquities of Nevada has been a surprising must-see gallery on the Las Vegas Strip since 1992, as one of the first businesses to make a home at this premier shopping destination.Today, Antiquities is the last of the solely-owned original tenants, with a history of high quality unique products, honest dealings and a world-class reputation, earning it the status of a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

Ms. Toby Stoffa, founder and owner of Antiquities, opened her first antique boutique in 1984 in Phoenix, Arizona, featuring products which reflected her true love and passion for the Golden Era of the Fifties, the age of rock ‘n’ roll, the explosion of Hollywood, and of course, Beatlemania. Her dream was to create a fun environment specializing in “Big Boy” toys. As Ms. Stoffa explains, “As a wife and mother of a daughter and two sons, I always found it easy to find great gifts for girls, but difficult to find just that perfect gift for the men in my life, so I wanted to create a place that had fun and unique items for both women and, particularly, for men.” By 1986, Antiquities had caught the eye of the owners of the famous Biltmore Fashion Center in Scottsdale, and was invited to open there with two galleries:

Antiquities, featuring restored unique collectables, celebrity memorabilia, designing unique displays and selling autographs and authentic signed documents. In 1992, Ms. Stoffa and Antiquities was personally invited to be an opening tenant of the prestigious Caesars Forum Shops where she joined the ranks of international luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. This invitation alone signifies the high business standards, ethics and exemplary quality of Antiquities and its products as all galleries and retailers at The Forum Shops must meet extensive requirements, produce reliable curriculum vitae, be accepted, and maintain high standards and product excellence. As Ms. Stoffa explains,“It is a merchant’s dream come true to have been given such an opportunity.”

Ms. Stoffa has taken this opportunity and has made The Forum Shops proud – Antiquities is nothing less than a jewel standing out brightly in the midst of designer fashions, eateries, and chain retailers. In addition to its well-known storefront at The Forum Shops, Antiquities was the exclusive supplier to The Sharper Image stores all over the world for almost a decade, the sole supplier for Macy’s Nostalgia program, and the selected provider of autographs and memorabilia to the main gallery, as well as the Oz shop, at the MGM Grand Hotel. Services & Guarantees

As a pioneer in the memorabilia genre, Antiquities established and has always maintained leadership in a broad spectrum of memorabilia from movies, music, television and history. Along with their wonderful collection of autographs, they have a huge selection of restored one-of-kind, fun antiques, as well as some reproductions and new collections. All of the collection pieces offered by Antiquities have been personally designed and created by Ms. Stoffa and her team. Each collection is conceptualized around a single piece, then presented in a way that tells a story – you don’t just purchase an autograph on a cocktail napkin – you procure a beautiful piece of art, backed by scientific certification, that can easily be the focal piece of any room.

The 3,300-sq. ft. gallery is frequented by many celebrities and often tagged as “the Happiest Store in the World.” There really is something for everyone. Ms. Stoffa and her staff take pride in being able to give everyone, regardless of age, a wholesome, family-friendly experience at The Forum Shops simply by visiting Antiquities. The gallery has now become a “must-see” stop on the Vegas Strip and a staple in the Forum Shops. For much of their clientele, they have become a “tradition” for many families making Las Vegas a yearly vacation spot.

In addition to the items displayed in the store and online, Antiquities will also commission custom work, such as family memorabilia, life celebration boards, special personalized gifts, etc. Simply tell them your story, bring in the items you’d like to showcase, and let them go to work! Antiquities of Nevada’s professional network includes experts in every specialty.

Ms. Stoffa keeps abreast of auction results and market trends to ensure the authenticity and fair pricing of her products and all of the autographed memorabilia come with Lifetime Certificates of Authenticity. Their products can be purchased both in store and online. They ship all over the world and offer payment plans, so you never have to miss out on your favorite piece! Business Philosophy From the first piece of memorabilia, Antiquities has been built on a strong foundation of integrity. Ms. Stoffa strongly believes integrity is synonymous with trust. That philosophy has paid off as Antiquities is considered one of the most highly respected and trusted businesses in the industry, cultivated through the mixture of great business practices and passion for the products. Ms. Stoffa expresses it this way: “I take pride in quality, so I am hands-on, and the authenticity of what I sell is closely managed.

Dealing in one-of-a-kinds is the core of my business. In the world of antiques, collectibles and memorabilia, the enjoyment is in the entire process: searching, finding, restoring, researching, learning, and sharing wonderful items with my clients. I enjoy the unfolding narrative of collections, which reflects the thinking of many different times and places in history. One’s personality is in a time capsule, if you will, showing the pride, craftsmanship, beliefs, and sometimes craziness, of different eras.”

A large part of Antiquities’ business relies on Authenticity. “There are many self-proclaimed ‘experts’ in this field, hobbyists who believe they can eyeball a piece to determine its authenticity,” Ms. Stoffa states. “But in fact, authenticating is based on a formula, a mix of good old-fashion detective work combined with state-of-the-art science, which allows real experts to ‘see beyond the human eye.’ It is a study that looks at past exemplars of known authentic signatures, and also identifies the time, ink, and type of surface through scientific methods. This is why

Antiquities only works with the best and most accredited professional experts.” For Ms. Stoffa and her team, the answer is very clear, “The modern world is too complex for anyone to go about it alone with an ‘all under one roof philosophy.’ This is especially true when you are working with documents that might be current or might go back centuries.” Simply put, it’s a question of ethics. This is how a business is run on the foundation of integrity.

Management Ms. Toby Stoffa has been featured in magazines such as Las Vegas Hollywood, and Nevada Woman, where she was presented as one of the Entrepreneurs of the Year. A mother of three successful adult children, the wife of an attorney, a grandmother and a former harpist, she has been in the autograph business for over 33 years, where she has most certainly and defiantly earned her spotlight. She is a self-made woman business owner who built Antiquities on her own, is soft spoken and of a petite stature, but holds her ground in the male dominated business of memorabilia. Much of what has made her successful is her true “grit” and drive to do what it takes: “Imagine being the only girl on a baseball field playing the ultimate boys game, with the pressure to be as good as the boys. The biggest challenge is taking that first step onto the field, knowing there is always someone out there waiting for you to make a mistake. You are rather frequently defending your right to be there, while loving the game, and demanding respect in equal portion. You must tell yourself, ‘Hold your head high and don’t let anyone intimidate you.’ Because in this game, business is played on a field where women are not generally in the star positions.” But, Ms. Stoffa has learned how to play the game and she plays hard, plays smart, and strongly believes her many years of success are garnered from surrounding herself with the right people, professionals in the many genres of specialties that Antiquities offers its clients. Most of all, she plays with passion. Memorabilia is history, a subject for which she has a personal love and the precise reason her career led to where she is today.

Community Involvement: Antiquities of Nevada is dedicated to its philanthropic priorities. The team is proud to say, “We give joy and we give back.” Antiquities makes charitable contributions throughout the year, contributes regularly to Ronald McDonald HouseAmerican Cancer FoundationDisabled American Veterans, Policemen’s annual auction, March of DimesThe Make a Wish FoundationMothers Against Cancer, and had a chair with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

BBB Involvement:  Antiquities of Nevada proudly maintains an impressive A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This reinforces the reputation of trustworthiness and honest dealings that Antiquities and Ms. Stoffa have diligently built over the years and gives customers an added level of comfort.

4th Mar 2021 Carita Strawn

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We lead the way in celebrity memorabilia specializing in movies, music,television and history. We lead the way in celebrity memorabilia specializing in movies, music,television and history.