The USS New Jersey

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The USS New Jersey 
original Imperium Neptuni Regis 15”x20” signed document. The USS New Jersey is The most decorated ship in wartime history. It is the ONLY World War II ship brought out of retirement and refitted to join the battle in the war in Viet Nam. Veterans remember the ship shooting Volkswagen size bullets over their heads in Viet Nam. The New Jersey went into battle in 1944 in support of the Marshalls invasion; sunk enemy ships on the Japanese base at Truk; took raids on Japanese held islands and the Battle of the Philippines. She was the flagship of the Third Fleet. Decommissioned in 1948 and was brought back in 1950 to serve in the Korean War. It was for the New Jersey that the famous wartime motto was established: “Fire Power for Freedom”. In 1968 she conducted bombardments along the South Vietnamese coast, under the command of Captain Edward Snyder Jr. (1934-2007). She is scheduled to become a museum at Camden, New Jersey.This document is dated the 15th of December, 1968, signed by USN Commanding Officer, Captain J. Edward Snyder, Jr. The display also shows the 20 awarded stars and ribbons presented to the U.S.S. New Jersey, each described in detail in the plate to the right of the ribbons. The piece comes with the numbered original photographs, most stamped and dated. The document history for the U.S. Navy's IMPERIUM NEPTUNI REGIS ANCIENT ORDER OF THE DEEP TRUSTY SHELLBACK goes back over 200 years and continues as a traditional maritime great honor. In America's Navy and Coast Guard, crossing the equator or profound performance at sea, is an event that no sailor ever forgets. This momentous occasion is marked by a time-honored shipboard ceremony, in which those who have crossed the equator before, known as Shellbacks, welcome their inexperienced shipmates, called Pollywogs, into the ancient order of the deep. Those who have gone through this ordeal can proudly declare their status as a "Trusty Shellback." The coin symbol pays tribute to one of the most celebrated traditions in the Navy and Coast Guard. King Neptune, mythical Roman God and King of the Sea, guides his horse-driven chariot through the waves. The Latin phrase "Imperium Neptuni Regis," translated "The Domain of King Neptune." The reverse is inscribed with the formal words of welcome to all those who have made the transition. This is a glorious and significant piece with over 40 pages of documents on this specific American Navy Warship and photos from her in all wars.
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