Wyatt Earp

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Wyatt Earp
American Old West Lawman, gambler and Marshall in Tombstone, Arizona. During 1871-73 he met Wild Bill Hickok and gunfighter Bat Masterson. In 1875 he served as a deputy in Wichita, Kansas and then made himself known as a tough marshal in Dodge City. Wyatt Earp, his three brothers, and their friend Doc Holliday moved to Tombstone, Arizona in 1880, to uphold law and order. There were many confrontations, the most famous of these against the Clanton family at the O.K. Corral. When two of his brothers were killed, Wyatt swore revenge on the killers, and tracked them all down. Earp retired with his wife Josephine in San Diego, California. Here is a remarkable piece: It is a formal ledger page: “Marshal of the United States, District of Nevada. (Then in smaller print) U. S. Marshall - J.E. Emmitt Deputy U.S. Marshal - Wyatt Earp”. It is dated 1898 and signed large across the center “W. S. Earp”. 1898 was Wyatt Earp’s last year as a lawman, after which he and Josephine joined the gold rush and then moved to Hollywood.

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